Zum Schneider is the place to go with family and friends for a casual night out. You can easily sit at their family-style wooden tables for hours, first relaxing the evening away while listening to traditional German music to get you into that “Biergarten” mood. The music transitions from traditional songs to hip, upbeat music at about 7pm to set the mood for the evening. To note, their beer menu is extensive, either served on draft in German beer steins or by the bottle. There are just over fifteen German brews on draft.

When my mom and I arrived just before 6pm on a Thursday, we were one of the first dining parties two arrive, some clients were seated at the bar area. Sebastian took care of my mom and I for the evening. First, I must remark, what a doll! He was very hands on with our order and really made us feel at home. We never had to look up to ask for extra napkins, plates, nothing. He was courteous, professional, and welcoming. It is very rare to experience genuine waitstaff, and everyone there all around exceeded our expectations with professionalism and care.





























In addition to our fresh bread basket, start off our hearty, fit-for-a-king, meal, we tried the following dishes or from the “Vorspeisen” section of the menu:

  • O’Batzda: Traditional Bavarian cheese spread made with brie, blue cheese & beer, topped with thinly sliced onions ($12)
  • Reiberdatschi: Crispy potato pancakes with apple sauce & house salad ($16)

  • Wiener mit Brot: Two wieners with bread & mustard ($9)

  • Brezn: Freshly baked imported Bavarian soft pretzel

For our entrees or “Vom Land”, my mom had the Sauerbraten: Marinated beef braised in wine sauce with dumpling duet & house salad ($29); and I had the Wiener Schnitzel: Breaded pork loin, served with potato salad & cucumber-dill salad ($25).

For dessert, we split both the Apfe’radl: Battered apple slices tossed in cinnamon with vanilla ice cream ($12); and the Heisse Liebe: Hot fresh raspberries over vanilla ice cream ($10).

Each bite was out of this world! I have eaten at several German restaurants in New England and in New York. Zum Schneider has to be one of my two favorites. Everything was exceptional, from the warm, soft pretzels to the cool cucumber salad with dill. Each dish encompassed a little tribute to my German heritage. We stayed for three hours and took our time savoring each plate. During the weekdays especially, this is a spot you could eat and relax at for a long period of time.

We had lots of food to take home with us that evening, that ended up lasting for about three additional days. I froze the Apfe’radl and placed them in my toaster oven for seven minutes, and they came out tasting as fresh as the day we first tried them. Served with a generous scoop of slow churned vanilla bean ice cream. The Weiner Schnitzel and Reiberdatschi fared well too. We heated each dish gently in the oven at 325 degrees Fahrenheit for 12 minutes.

Live music is every Saturday starting at 10pm. Read their band line-up here.

Zum Schneider is open for dinner beginning at 5pm. You can find their food and beverage menu online. They have their flagship restaurant in Manhattan at 107 Ave C, East 7th Street.

http://www.zumschneider.com 631-238-5963