A map of currents in Montauk nightlife

The New York Times
by Ben Detrick

The Hook
A new arrival, this roomy beer hall just south of Main Street is a waterside out-post of the popular East Village pub.

Nautical Nods
Décor veers Teutonic, Blue-and-white accents and a flag with a German coat-of-arms are accompanied by a wood figure-head of a woman.

Run by longtime Montauk residents, it draws a mixed clientele, though blue-collar types are outnumbered by well-heeled visitors on weekends. The mix is mostly 30-somethings, with a few oldsters hunkered at the bar.

Resort Wear
Local alt-bros, with tattooed forearms and T-shirts, are spearing at bratwurst. Weekend interlopers are in plaid shirts and Sperry Top-Siders at picnic tables.

Drink of Choice
The place has steins of beer large enough to drown a cat. The menu boasts German suds like Schneiders-Weisse (from $10), plus Bavarian cheeses and pretzels. These are not advised before swimming.

Sausage-making music with appropriate accordions, trumpets and tubas makes every day Oktoberfest. Sometimes a live oompah band performs.

Local Tick
Natives feasted on free drinks and grub when it opened this spring. So far, no complaints.