Grand Opening Montauk – Tapping the Keg

We were open for a month already but then it arrived, the biggest beer keg in the world! What better way to make a statement when opening a German Beerhall by the beach?! I gotta say THANK YOU, HB-TRAUNSTEIN. A decade and a half I dreamt of this and you made it happen, bringing in the “Hirschen,” a 200 liter wooden keg. You can still see it at our bar. It will be filled again at the next circumcision fest…

© 2012 Richard Greene Photography

Grand Opening Montauk – Moving and Setting Up the Keg

We had to build a dedicated “cool-house” filled with ice to keep it cool for 6 days. Equipment would have failed, and men would have died, trying to bring it to our beer cooler in the basement. Too many chiefs were eager to set it up, so I did my slap dance, keeping them in line to set up the beast. 1, 2, 3, Ozapft is!!! My dream came true.

© 2012 Richard Greene Photography

Soft Opening: Locals Day!

Not in their wildest imagination did the Montaukians think this possible: the whole town of Montauk was invited, everything on us. After 6 hrs of serving them nonstop, we stepped back to have toast ourselves. They stared us down, chanting “WE WANT MORE” … what d’you expect at “the End”? … wild animals … don’t think for a second this will ever happen again ;)